The 5 Biggest Dating Struggles Of An INFP Personality

Of course, it’s not just inexperienced, awkward men who can become bitter sexists. Guys who sleep around a lot aren’t exactly known for their enlightened attitudes toward women. I think women should be aware that just by being friendly, even in the most offhand way, to a shyer guy, he may start seeing you as a prospect. It’s also really common for shyer guys to fantasize about meeting a really forward, take charge woman who makes all the scary moves for them.

The fact that they are such sensitive souls, makes them more aware of their own emotions. When they speak about how they feel, they are often very certain of themselves. Many people do not understand this, and it can cause others to look down on INFPs. This can be especially difficult for INFP males, since they do not fit into the stereotypical idea of the emotional stunted male. They understand their own emotions, and are completely sensitive to the emotions of others.

While both partners are wistful and romantic, the INFJ female might be more down-to-earth and more practical than her INFP beau. This could lead to some tension, especially if she complains and is too critical of her INFP man for not being enough like her. For the first time in her life, the INFJ girl might feel that someone actually understands her. He’s not doing anything special to make her feel that way, though. INFJ girls need lots of time alone their entire lives.

INFP Relationships Guide – Compatibilities & Best Matches

Instead, they are more likely to use actions to demonstrate their feelings to another. They often adapt to the love language used by the other party to show their affection. Since ISFJs have high emotional intelligence, they can often sense what their partner needs in a moment, and they’ll adapt to provide that necessity to their partner. Since they are so willing to adapt to another person that they love, they tend to make excellent long-term partners in romance.

INFP Weaknesses in Relationships

In order to keep an INFJ’s attention, you have to display a sincere interest in them and they will show you that same integrity right back. Similar to this type’s view on life, flirting is just for fun. There are no hidden intentions with an ESTP — they simply find flirting to be fun. So, playful teasing and cheesy little jokes are the way to go. An ESTP is always ready to laugh and smile, so a flirter who can laugh along with him is certainly his type.

INFP lovers also use sexual intimacy to express their strong feelings of love for their partners, but they tend to take time to build trust before opening up to sexual intimacy. Given the nature of the INFP in relationships, they will value their partner’s satisfaction over their own. As a feeler, the INFP also focuses on people and situations, and the perceiving aspect of this personality type is open to new ideas.

They need a great deal of alone time since they are an introverted type. Understanding how INFPs interact with people around them and create relationships is important for both INFPs and those they interact with. The tendency to question everything makes them vulnerable to almost all negative words their partners say, even to comments that do not involve them. In such cases, INFPs need words of affirmation and praise to make sure they are needed and loved. The best way to heal is by getting immersed in nature, spending time with their friends, or taking up a new hobby, something that they are passionate about. INFPs stick to the relationships to the very end of it, even when problems start piling up, without doing anything significant to tackle the issues.

Most people in our society wouldn’t be okay with it, but you’ll probably find someone in the future who would be and see that you really are only friends with your ex lol. If she feels threatened and you feel she is being dramatic, you will both find it difficult to build a relationship on top of those feelings. Every now and then is whatever I guess but nearly everyday is total bullshit honestly. You may not harbor any feelings perhaps, but that ex of yours certainly does.

However, some personalities are better matches with the INFP than others. Types such as ENFJ and ENTJ tend to complement them nicely. When it comes to love and dating, INFJ, ESFJ, and ENFJ are the personality types most compatible with INFPs.

This means that as they fall for their lover, the INFP needs time alone to sort through how they are feeling. This can make it seem as if the INFP is slow or hesitant to fall in love. An INFP may not appear to fall in love easily because they also tend to be slow to reveal themselves to their partners at the start of a relationship.

These types learn from the past, live in the moment, and plan for the future with realistic caution. They can help the INFJ assess their goals and dreams from a realistic perspective and plan practical steps forward. The Practical Planner is ever loyal and can help the idealistic INFJ learn the value of commitment and hard work, even when things aren’t ideal. ENFP personality types are warm, charming, popular, and interested in building connections with others. They quickly make their presence known in group settings and can be free-spirited adventurers. ENTPs are anything but boring, meaning that flirting with one is sure to be an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience.

We’re seen as daydreamy free spirits who see rules as suggestions. The INFP is notorious for missing important instructions, as we get lost in our fantasies. When you have such an idealistic, emotional, intensely creative personality as INFPs do, it can be hard to find a healthy balance in life.