15 Simple, Quick & Engaging Virtual Team Ice Breaker Ideas

This activity is different from the traditional introduce yourself type activities, in that it has an additional challenge. That is, participants have to manage to communicate as effectively as they can, using a very limited number of characters. This is a good activity to focus on positive things (i.e. people’s achievements). It is also a networking tool, as participants could be interested in achieving the same goal that another person in the group has achieved and whom they might ask for advice from. This is another activity suitable for participants to share information about themselves creatively. This icebreaker is useful to start a discussion on how priorities and goals can change throughout a person’s life.

As it’s so easy to experience burn out on video calls and feel disconnected from their colleagues, it’s necessary for leaders to take steps to make virtual meetings fun and engaging. In this article, we’ll look at ways you can make virtual meetings fun and engaging for everyone, and keep things fresh moving forward. You can break the ice by either telling a short story about one of your recent experiences or telling a professional joke.

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The great advantage of breakout sessions is that the virtual work in small groups helps to break up your online meeting and stimulate the participation of the participants. Asking about the favorite video conferencing tool is a great way to break the ice and get everyone involved in the conversation. This question can help identify which tool works best for the team and can lead to https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ discussions about different features, settings, and tips to improve the video conferencing experience. That’s why the perfect icebreaker questions for small teams are those that spawn meaningful discussion around a certain topic and increase the level of trust. We love this virtual meeting ice breaker because it gives your employees an opportunity to better know their colleagues.

What you as a meeting organiser is at the start of the meeting asks everyone to think about a proud moment or accomplishment in their life and why that moment means so much to them. Ask your virtual meeting to look at their phones and show what the last photo they took was. This could be dangerous but let’s hope your colleagues remember they’re at work! Other ways to boost employee experience include introducing a comprehensive benefits package. With our platform, your teams get to choose from over 4,000 global perks with the biggest retailers.

The Ultimate Icebreaker

Get each person to give 1 truth and 2 lies about themselves and see if the team can workout which is the truth. To keep up with the latest events, offers and news sign up to our monthly newsletter. Use this to break down barriers with a small group before an interactive discussion session. If you want to know how Perkbox can help boost engagement among your teams, request a demo and a member of our team will get back to you.

  • Calm debate, collaboration and decision making aren’t possible without the use of empathy.
  • The first player who states the right answer wins the round.
  • Most people have a bucket list of goals that they would like to achieve or experience in life.
  • Whether you’re holding a town hall for hitting an important milestone or an informal catch-up, these ice breakers are great for bringing people closer together.
  • This game can be expanded to cover any number of topics, from work-related decisions to things like holidays, food or random ones.

From marketing to sales, or from project management to HR, Springworks Trivia is the tool that both lightens the mood, increases productivity, and promotes team bonding in one. Face-to-face events are all fun and memories until the pandemic came. But, it has a deeper meaning when applied to team breaks, where teams should take a break from everything over a cup of tea or coffee. In this way, the team can relax and at the same time catch-up with the whole team. While this doesn’t necessarily sound too exciting, an agenda is a great way to help attendees prepare for a virtual meeting and know what is expected of them.

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Each attendee takes a turn to introduce themselves by name, then states three ‘facts’ about themselves – one of which is untrue. Then leave enough time for a brief chat between attendees (you can start this off, if that’s needed) to explore the truths. Increasing engagement can be challenging, so it’s important to understand what keeps your employees focused and performing at their best. If you want to offer your employees additional wellbeing support, our platform includes Wellness hub. This feature has a range of mental and physical wellbeing resources that are easily accessible from our app.

Ask one question and then allow participants to think about it for one or two minutes. The software delivers the quizzes straight to your employees’ inbox every week at the same time. You can compete in multiple categories, test your trivia expertise with over 5,000 questions, keep score with leaderboards, and appreciate the funniest wrong answers. ♥ Created with love by Cluehub, a pioneer in remote team games, gamification and game-based learning. An Agent-Spy-Game theme of online escape games is one of the thrilling games that can be offered today. The participant’s mission is to stop a secret research company and entirely prevent world domination.

Fun Icebreaker Questions For New Employees:

Asking about favorite TV shows is a great way to learn more about your colleagues’ interests and hobbies. This question can lead to discussions about different genres, plot twists, and character developments. It’s a fun and easy question that can get everyone involved https://remotemode.net/ in the conversation. For more introverted coworkers, the very mention of icebreakers could make them want to hide in the nearest stationary cupboard. Meanwhile, extroverts will more than likely be happy to divulge information about themselves or ask probing questions.

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