Shin Min-A: 5 Things To Know About The Hometown Cha Cha Cha Lead Actress

For years, Young Guk thought that his divorce with Hwa Jeong happened unexpectedly, and it caused him to resent her in the years thereafter. His negative feelings worsened as he also blamed her for his failed relationship with his first love and Hwa Jeong’s friend, Cho Hui. Viewers finally learned the heartbreaking truth in Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 12, disclosing the real event that pushed them to end their marriage. However, as the new episode unfolded, it seems like Hwa Jeong and Yeong Guk had a more heartbreaking reason why they ended their marriage. Initially, speculations about Yoo Choo Hee — Yeong Guk’s first love — becoming the main reason behind the divorce came to the spotlight. Aside from acting, he is also an active cast member of the popular variety show, “2 Days and 1 Night” Season 4.

It turned out that the one he showed Mi Seon was the winning number combination in the previous week. Aside from Du Sik and Hye Jin, Mi Seon and police officer Eun Cheol (Kang Hyoung Suk) also had their own dose of a happy ending. Mi Seon and Eun Cheol mistakenly thought that the latter won the lottery prize after the former’s number combination matched the ones on the screen.

Hong Do-Sik and Yoon Hye-Jun in Hometown Cha Cha Cha

When she tells him that she will wire the money, he tells her to take him out to eat. Once at the diner, in Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 5, she apologises for the social position talk and immediate hands him two questions to solve to prove that he went to Seoul National University. However, at this point, I think they just like doing this to each other. Hye-jin and Mi-seon, on their way home, meet Cho-hui and hope to get along.

She is a philanthropist and has supported a number of charities

The two discover love as they follow the trail of a dangerous criminal, bantering and looking after each other while inebriated. Sparks fly when the criminal breaks into her room, forcing her to move in with her boss. The two share knowing looks, banter endlessly, express jealousy, confess their feelings for each other, and pose as each other’s partner to get the other out of sticky situations. Their steamy kiss on laundry day ranks right at the top of the hottest Kdrama scenes – making this on-screen couple quite popular. If there’s anything we’ve learned from action-packed romances it’s that nothing gets sparks flying like a series of life-and-death instances. Take for instance South Korean Special Forces agent Captain Yoo Shi-Jin (played by Song Joong-Ki) and Haesung Hospital surgeon Kang Mo-yeon (played by Song Hye-Kyo).

They have “hangover soup” while all of them keep an eye on them. Before making his TV debut in 2017, in Good Manager, Kim worked for many years as an actor on stage. After graduating from university, he lived in Incheon as he had no idea what he wanted to do in life. During this time, he would run every morning to a nearby waterfall to clear his mind. Woo Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) is training to be a physical therapist.

The Korean talent show gathers aspiring singers and entertainers who hope to become K-pop idols. Produce 101 is one of many talent variety shows South Korea is known for. Gam-ri’s son regretted how he took his mom for granted and just kept telling himself he would make time for her next time. Seong-hyeon took too long to tell Hye-jin how he felt — but he eventually learned his lesson and shared his feelings with Ji-won. When I first started watching Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, I was pretty sure I was in for a light and predictable story. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that the series dealt with some heavier issues, one of them being sexual assault.

This was another one of those scenes where we see Hye Jin’s character development. Although on the outside, she may seem like someone who solely cared about money, her actions spoke for themselves. Also, Gam Ri getting to eat all the squid she wanted was such a cute moment. Join the biggest community of K-Drama fans live on Pinkvilla Rooms to get one step closer to your favourite K-Celebs! Hye Jin learns that Doo Sik graduated from Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, and majored in engineering, which shocks Hye Jin. Hye Jin argues that everything in life needs to be “measured” and Mi Seon brings up her ex-boyfriend ‘Lee Gang Uk’ which brings their banter to end.

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Hye Jin vaguely asks him, twice, about what’s happening between them that night. But this time Doo Sik plays dumb, not remembering anything, which leaves her wondering. Actor Jo Han-chul will be seen portraying the role of Oh Chunkey-jae in Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Jo Han-chul is a brilliant supporting cast member who works in movies and K-dramas.

There he finds himself entangled in a war against a corrupt conglomerate alongside eccentric lawyer Hong Cha Young (played by Jeon Yeo-Bin). However, after a heartbreaking incident, they begin to work together, growing into one of the best partners in entertainment history. Seeing how things are going, it is highly likely that Du Sik would accept Hye Jin’s wedding proposal in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 16. There were speculations that the two are likely to have a beach wedding as Gongjin is known to be a seaside village.

As Hye-jin adjusts to small-town life and the gaggle of lovable villagers, she and Du-sik build a mutual attraction that is hindered by their own issues. If developed, season 2 can explore Hye-jin and Du-sik’s married life. Seong-hyun and Wang Ji-won’s personal and professional romance is another possible plot arc. Her penchant for luxury might again become an issue if the couple has children.