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After Stalin died in 1953, Eisenhower worked to obtain friendlier relationships with the Soviet Union. At home, he ended McCarthyism, expanded the Social Security program and presided over a decade of bipartisan comity. He promoted civil rights cautiously, and sent in the Army when trouble threatened over racial integration in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In other places in Asia, groups are also known as Black Hmong , Striped Hmong , Hmong Shi, Hmong Pe, Hmong Pua, and Hmong Xau, Hmong Xanh , Hmong Do , Na Mieo and various other subgroups. These include the Flower Hmong or the Variegated Hmong , so named because of their bright, colorful embroidery work (called pa ndau or paj ntaub, literally “flower cloth”). On 15 June, the defendants were indicted by a grand jury and a warrant was also issued for the arrest of an 11th man allegedly involved in the plot. Simultaneous raids of the defendants’ homes and work locations, involving over 200 federal, state and local law enforcement officials, were conducted in approximately 15 cities in Central and Southern California in the US. In the early 1960s, partially as a result of the North Vietnamese invasion of Laos, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division began to recruit, train and lead the indigenous Hmong people in Laos to fight against North Vietnamese Army divisions invading Laos during the Vietnam War.

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The American colonies and the newly formed union grew rapidly in population and area, as pioneers pushed the frontier of settlement west. The process finally ended around 1890–1912 as the last major farmlands and ranch lands were settled. Native American tribes in some places resisted militarily, but they were overwhelmed by settlers and the army and after 1830 were relocated to reservations in the west. The highly influential “Frontier thesis” of Wisconsin historian Frederick Jackson Turner argues that the frontier shaped the national character, with its boldness, violence, innovation, individualism, and democracy. Britain never achieved the war goal of granting the Indians a barrier state to block further American settlement and this allowed settlers to pour into the Midwest without fear of a major threat. The American Revolutionary War began at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts in April 1775 when the British tried to seize ammunition supplies and arrest the Patriot leaders.

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With senator Abraham Lincoln leading criticism of the ruling, the stage was set for the 1860 presidential election. In present-day upstate New York, the Iroquois formed a confederacy of tribal peoples in the mid-15th century, consisting of the Oneida, Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. Their system of affiliation was a kind of federation, different from the strong, centralized European monarchies. It has been suggested that their culture contributed to political thinking during the development of the United States government. The Iroquois were powerful, waging war with many neighboring tribes, and later, Europeans.

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When Lincoln called for troops to suppress the Confederacy in April 1861, four more states seceded and joined the Confederacy. A few of the “slave states” did not secede and became known as the border states; these were Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri. There was resistance to slavery by both peaceful and violent means. Slave rebellions, by Gabriel Prosser , Denmark Vesey , Nat Turner , and most famously by John Brown , caused fear in the white South, which imposed stricter oversight of slaves and reduced the rights of free blacks. Justifications of slavery included economics, history, religion, legality, social good, and even humanitarianism.

Soviet head of state Joseph Stalin prevented his satellite states from participating, and from that point on, Eastern Europe, with inefficient centralized economies, fell further and further behind Western Europe in terms of economic development and prosperity. In 1949, the United States, rejecting the long-standing policy of no military alliances in peacetime, formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance, which continues into the 21st century. In response the Soviets formed the Warsaw Pact of communist states, leading to the “Iron Curtain”. The main contributions of the U.S. to the Allied war effort comprised money, industrial output, food, petroleum, technological innovation, and (especially 1944–1945), military personnel.

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The great majority of anti-slavery activists, such as Abraham Lincoln and Mr. Walters, rejected Garrison’s theology and held that slavery was an unfortunate social evil, not a sin. In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, which authorized the president to negotiate treaties that exchanged Native American tribal lands in the eastern states for lands west of the Mississippi River. Its goal was primarily to remove Native Americans, including the Five Civilized Tribes, from the American Southeast – they occupied land that settlers wanted. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, ran for a second term under the slogan “Jackson and no bank” and did not renew the charter of the Second Bank, dissolving the bank in 1836.

These events lead to a major military offensive by the United States and its allies in the region. Reagan ordered a buildup of the U.S. military, incurring additional budget deficits. Reagan introduced a complicated missile defense system known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (dubbed “Star Wars” by opponents) in which, theoretically, the U.S. could shoot down missiles with laser systems in space.

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In July 1863, Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant gained control of the Mississippi River at the Battle of Vicksburg, thereby splitting the Confederacy. In 1864, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman marched south from Chattanooga to capture Atlanta, a decisive victory that ended war jitters among Republicans in the North and helped Lincoln win re-election. The autumn 1862 Confederate retreat at the Battle of Antietam led to Lincoln’s warning he would issue an Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863 if the states did not return.